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Do You Want To Discover How To Make $4,000-$7,000 + Per Month Working Part Time In Real Estate?
Do You Want To Discover How To Make $4,000-$7,000 + Per Month Working Part Time In Real Estate?
I’m Practically Giving Away 100 Digital Courses of My Best Selling Find It And Fund It Real Estate System
I’m Practically Giving Away 100 Digital Courses of My Best Selling Find It And Fund It Real Estate System
Is lack of knowledge, systems, or capital stopping you from starting or scaling your real estate investing business?  
Maybe you have money and just don’t know where or how to invest in order to give you a safe, consistent return on investment.

It’s not your fault.

This is a typical problem for thousands of brand new and seasoned real estate investors. Just about everyone’s goal when they get into real estate is to build wealth, but here’s what nobody’s teaching you…

In order to build wealth, you first need to be financially free or independent. 

What does that mean? 

 It means that regardless if you go to work or not, you are still bringing in income to at least cover your monthly expenses.

The Find It And Fund It System in Real Estate was designed with one specific goal in mind… give serious real estate investors the blueprint to making a $4,000-7,000 per month as quick as possible so they can quit their job and have the time freedom to relax, or build their business so they can make much more…

…And, not to worry

 if you don’t have a ton of money right now this system will still work for you! 

In an effort to put my cards on the table I must say that IF you have money and decent credit it will be a lot easier and faster to build your wealth and achieve time and financial freedom.
I train people every day, just like you, to become successful real estate investors, quit their job, and achieve time and financial freedom by approaching this business in a very systematic way that streamlines the path to success.

In Fact... entire system for achieving financial and time freedom has been laid in an easy to follow, plain English process and if you put this method into action now you could start seeing results in your business and your life almost immediately.  
Imagine what it would be like to be able to quit your job, take an extra vacation with your family and friends, work when you wanted to and not when you had to, and have the freedom to do whatever you wanted, with you whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted!  

For the past 5 years, we have perfected the Find It And Fund It System and thousands have used my system to successfully start and scale their business.  

The Find It And Fund It System in Real Estate Program is a simple, 5-Step Formula that will:
  • Give You The Knowledge To Do Your First or Next Deal Quickly – You’ll learn a simple, proven formula for finding, funding, and flipping real estate for big profits.
  • Establish a Path To Financial & Time Freedom - You’ll be shocked at the systems we use that take all the thinking out of investing in real estate.  Just follow the system to success and don't try to re-invent the wheel.
  • Give You The Confidence to Buy Any Good Deal - Wake up every day with the confidence that you have the tools and resources to find, fund, and flip your next deal.  
  • Be The Go to Investor- Having access to our systems will change your status and you will be "THE GO TO INVESTOR" for realtors, attorneys, and local banks that have red hot deals they need to sell fast.
  • Support You Every Step Of The Way – You are not alone…you’ll be supported by our team of successful real estate investors.
  • And So Much More...

The way I invest in real estate is the way some of the largest, wealthiest people invest in real estate. 

Did you know that 8 out of 10 millionaires found their wealth in real estate? 

The question is what did these people do, that so many don’t? Stick around and I’ll tell you…but before I do that…
It’s all about Systems, Systems, Systems….
…and I’m prepared to show you how to build a real estate investing business of your dreams that will give you the life you want, but only if you are willing to learn.

My hope is that if I show you how to achieve financial and time freedom through real estate investing that maybe, just maybe...’ll have the confidence in yourself to put my other programs into practice and take your business to the next level in order to become truly wealthy and part of the 1%.

If you agree that having $5,000, $10,000, or more per month in additional income would change your life for you and your family, then you need to STOP what you are doing right now…

…and get my Find It And Fund It System in Real Estate Program, which normally sells at $195 for only $19.95.

Here’s what you get if you’re one of the first 100 people to take action today...
**digital download only**
  • System Guide - Designed to work hand-in-hand with the Find It and Fund It System, the Guide is a 72-page digital training handbook focused specifically on Assignment of Contract. Packed with condensed version of the full step-by-step wholesaling process, the System Guide is perfect for quick reference while out in the field. The Guide contains the step-by-step training, the tools and even all the forms and contracts necessary to conclude an Assignment transaction,
  • Internet Directory - This 96-page directory lists most of the free Property Record Databases listed by each county and state. These searchable online property databases allow you to quickly research and qualify your prospective deals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer, home, or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • System Coach – This booklet provides a digital copy of detailed answers to common beginner questions listed by subjects such as Deal Types, Earnest Money, Location Properties, Joint Ventures, the Investor Network, and many more.
  • Getting Started Audio File– This question-and-answer audio digital File interviews the REV director of training, a 20-year expert who has personally renovated over 50 million dollars if residential real estate and has educated tens of thousands of people how to locate and profit from residential properties. This audio road-map provides a clear, overall understanding of wholesaling real estate.
  • PDF Copy of Veteran Flipper – Veteran Flipper, a Real Estate Investor's Flags to Riches journey. It's a $14.94 value and is packed with top insider secrets and a guided tour behind the scenes of Chris' hit show, Flipping San Diego.
I’m sure you’ve heard, you are who you surround yourself with and one of the main reasons my Platinum Membership is so valuable is because if you surround yourself with successful people and you learn how they think, act, deal with challenges, and approach business, then you will be in a much better position to attract success for yourself.

I’m sure your wondering, why in the world have I decided to take a $195 program and give it away for only $19.95…

…The reason is simple…

I didn’t grow up rich by any means. I came from a middle class family, never attended college, started working at the age of 13, and ended up being able to purchase my first house at a very young age due to a similar type of course that I purchased over 12 years ago. 

It was simple the course told me to use craigslist to post some free ads stating that “I BUY HOUSES CASH” and then once I found a property to buy post that same property on several real estate websites to attract a buyer.

I did just that and made my first money in real estate. Then I stumbled upon another strategy that if I fixed the property up and renovated it I could make a lot more, so I did and I made over $100,000 on my next deal that I flipped.

When I discovered this strategy my real estate empire started to grow and grow and grow.  
My Find It & Fund it System is the most comprehensive, straight forward, training program to get you from where you are now, to making money in real estate investing fast.

So why are you getting this program, yours to keep for only $19.95…

…because that’s what it took to change my life forever with real estate, and I want this to do the same for you.

So, for the price of a lunch at McDonald’s for 2 you can put an end to your issues that have been holding you back from achieving your true potential and financial freedom through real estate investing.

But Don’t Delay…
Think how much it is costing you every day that you don’t take action. Let’s be honest…just one lost lead could cost you $10,000 or more.

How many deals have you already turned away because you lacked knowledge, funding, or assistance?

What Are You Waiting For?

Make this small $19.95 investment in yourself like I did, go through your Find It And Fund It System plus all the deal bonuses…and last but not least, take action!
P.S: The Find It And Fund It System in Real Estate, developed by Chris Bedgood, star of A&E's hit television show "Flipping San Diego", is a step by step system to help you start or scale your real estate business, but don’t delay, the $19.95 price will go up soon.
Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…
Q: What is Find It And Fund It System in Real Estate?

It’s not quite a full home study course and it’s definitely not just an ordinary report, whitepaper, or kit….

… The Find It And Fund It System in Real Estate is a method we use to teach new investors the fundamentals of finding, funding, and flipping real estate to fortunes.

Here’s how it works:

In the last 10 years my team, students and I have:

-Bought and/or sold over 1,000 properties…
-Borrowed and Referred over $20,000,000 in private money to fund real estate deals…
-Generated millions in revenue for our real estate investing business...
-Worked with some of the top investors and lending institutions in the country…

And along the way we have perfected a large number of strategies and systems. More importantly, like any good business person, we DOCUMENT each strategy and system so our best ideas can be repeated and rolled out in future endeavors.

They’re all meat and no fluff and we are now for the first time releasing these strategies and systems to the general public. This is all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible and avoiding the trial and error and costly mistakes that we went through.
Q: Why $19.95?

If you’re thinking “$19.95 is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. $19.95 puts this information within the reach of everyone…from brand new investors, to sole proprietor investors, to companies that have been investing for a long time, to institutional investors.
(And at $19.95, you shouldn’t have to get approval or fill out a purchase order) 

2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious investors who take action, and in our experience charging anything…event if it’s just a buck…gets rid of 99% of the people we don’t want to work with.

3. We tested it…and $19.95 generated the best overall ROI. (Hey, we’re all in business to make money so why not tell it like it is?)

We also believe that once you experience this, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back, buy more and possibly even upgrade to attend one of our live events where you get access to our complete library of how to Find, Fund, and Flip Real Estate to Fortunes.

But that’s it…

No fine print…No non-sense. 

Just the information you need and the results you want.

Q: How long will it take to get access to Find It And Fund It System in Real Estate?

A username and password will be generated and sent to you email instantly giving you full access. 

The entire Find It And Fund It System in Real Estate will be sent to the email address you provide and there will be a getting started video that explains how you can access everything.

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